Are you looking for a new addition to your family?

DARG has all personalities of CATS and DOGS available for ADOPTION.  They are just waiting to be swept off their paws into loving homes, where they will be very much part of the family.

First things first!

  • When considering a new addition to your family be honest with yourself and carefully consider your daily schedule and your lifestyle. Adoption is a lifetime commitment (+-15yrs) that requires careful consideration and planning.
  • Do you have the time, finances and planning for both short term & long term?
  •  Have you considered where you’ll be living in the future (think 2yrs, 5yrs and 10yrs ahead), can you accommodate your furry family member when you move, if you plan on travelling etc?  If you’re leasing, you are expected to have written consent that your body corporate or landlord allow pets on the property.
  • Puppies require plenty of training, socialisation and supervision in order to be well adjusted adult dogs.  Do you have the time and finances for this? The benefit of adopting a DARG rescue is that our resident certified Animal Behaviourist and Trainer is always available to assist and answer your queries.
  • Puppies and rescue dogs require house training, positive obedience training and regular medical attention.  An older animal may already have some basic skills and may not be so demanding of your every minute, yet consider dogs and cats can live happy, healthy lives right into their teenage years.  Dogs and cats require regular veterinary check ups, some require special nutrition or emergency care.
  •  Are you a busy person who is rarely at home?  Perhaps a high energy dog or very young puppy who requires attention around the clock, socialisation and training is not the right match for you.
  • Tiny kittens also require a watchful eye 24/7, so if you’re out and about a lot, perhaps an adolescent or adult cat is a better fit for you.
  • Be realistic!  Don’t get a dog because you want to start jogging in the new year, impulse decisions can result in adopting for the wrong reasons.  Dogs and cats who are bored and whose daily needs cannot be met may resort to problematic behaviours.
  • DARG requires that their rescue cats & dogs are very much part of the family.  Please note that DARG has strict home checks and adoption contract terms and conditions that apply.

Take all these factors into account before adopting.  Our resident certified Animal Behaviourist and Adoption Office Staff are available to help you find the perfect match!


DARG Adoption Fees


CATS: R595

DOGS: R695


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