DARG R50 Pledge

For just R50 a month you can help DARG make a difference!

We save lives, you save lives.

Your pledge of R50 a month supports DARG and goes towards the daily running costs of the shelter.  You also help the centre provide shelter, food, treatments, sterilisations and assist with veterinary costs for the cats & dogs in DARG’s care.


To make your pledge to sign up, simply download the  darg-debit-order-form, fill it in and email it back to us at dargdays@gmail.com

Alternatively, grab a debit form to fill out at the DARG Office or sign up your own, details below:


FNB: 62471702897
Branch code: 201409
Ref: your telephone number/ or email address

DARG NPO number: 026-141-NPO

Office email: dargdays@gmail.com
Tel: 021 790 0383

Let’s see if you can sign up 3 friends!

Follow the Pledge-Campaign on DARG Facebook & watch the page for updates.