Adopting an older canine

For those of you who need convincing, here are just some of many reasons you should consider adopting an older / mature or golden oldie dog

1. What You See Is What You Get

Older dogs are open books—from the start, you’ll know important things like their full-grown size, personality and grooming requirements. All this information makes it easier to pick the right dog and forge that instant love connection that will last a lifetime. If you’re not so into surprises, an older dog is for you!

2. Easy to Train

Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Hogwash! Older dogs are great at focusing on you—and on the task at hand—because they’re calmer than youngsters. Plus, all those years of experience reading humans can help them quickly figure out how to do what you’re asking through positive reinforcement.

3. Seniors are Super-Loving

The emails we get from pet parents with senior dogs seem to all contain beautiful, heartfelt descriptions of the love these dogs give you—and those of you who adopted dogs already in their golden years told us how devoted and grateful they are. It’s an instant bond that cannot be topped!

4. They’re Not Too Demanding

Grownup dogs don’t require the constant monitoring puppies do or the constant puppy schools, house training, 24/7 watchful eye. Older dogs have matured, mellowed leaving you with more time to do your own thing, yet still include them as part of the family. They’re more settled and less demanding of your every minute..quite happy to snooze in a warm place in the sun or go for a casual trip to the park or long mountain walks.

5. They Settle in Quickly

Older dogs have been around the block and already learned what it takes to get along with others. They’ll be part of the family in no time! Find out though before hand whether they’ve met other animals before- like cats etc or whether they get on with small or more mature kids. The shelter will provide these details. Some dogs have come from previous homes where perhaps they were a single pet or perhaps they were rescued from dire situations. Remember whatever their past, they will need love and patience to adapt to their new home environment and may have specific needs.

6. Fewer Messes

Your floors, shoes and furniture will thank you for adopting a senior pooch! Older dogs are likely to already be housetrained—and even if they’re not, they have the physical and mental abilities to pick it up really fast (unlike puppies). Remember always assume your newly adopted pooch has never had housetraining, so as to get right on schedule & routine and set him up for success. The stress of a new home environment can make them a little less confident, so patience & routine are vital! With their teething years far behind them, seniors also are much less likely to be destructive chewers. Provide your pooch with his own chew toys, like a Kong.

7. You’re providing a home to a dog who deserves a second chance

Older dogs also deserve second chances…no matter their reason for ending up in the shelter ( divorce, relocation, abandonment etc ) they too deserve a second chance at LOVE and happiness. Good karma for you too! By providing an older animal with the care & love they need you’ll also be helping more animals out there who need rescuing.

8. They Enjoy Easy Living

Couch potato, know thyself! Please consider a canine retiree rather than a high-energy young dog who will run you ragged. Not that older dogs don’t require any exercise—they do—but they’re not going to need, or want, to run a marathon every day.

9. Save a Life, Be a Hero

At shelters, older dogs are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized ( kill shelters ). Saving an animal’s life offers an unparalleled emotional return on your investment, and you’ll feel the rewards every day you spend together.

10. They’re CUTE and deserve every ounce of respect & LOVE