Be responsible and spay or neuter your pets.

Sterilizing dogs and cats has been hailed as the most effective method for pet population control. Neutered dogs have less desire to roam or mark territory and sterilization reduces health risks too.

At DARG, sterilization is included in the adoption fee. If the adopted animal is too young on adoption, it is booked for sterilization when it is of age (6 months) with our vet.

Benefits to your female pet:

Female dogs experience a “heat” cycle approximately every six months, depending upon the breed. A female dog’s heat cycle can last as long as 21 days during which your dog will leave bloodstains in the house and may become anxious, short tempered and actively seek a mate.

Female cats can come into heat every 2 weeks during breeding season until they become pregnant. During this time, they may engage in behaviours such as frequently yowling and urination in unacceptable places.

Both female dogs and cats benefit from spaying which eliminates their heat cycles and generally reduces the negative behaviours that may lead to owner frustration. Early spaying of female dogs and cats helps protect them from serious health problems later in life such as urinary infections and cancer of the mammary (milk) glands.

Benefits to your male pet:

At maturity (6-9 months of age) male dogs and cats are capable of breeding. Both male dogs and cats are likely to begin “marking” their territories by spraying strong-smelling urine on your furniture, curtains, and in virtually any part of the house/property. Also, given the slightest chance, males may attempt to escape from home in search of a mate. Dogs seeking females in heat can become aggressive and may injure themselves and people by engaging in fights.

Neutering male dogs and cats reduces the need to breed and can have a calming effect that makes them less inclined to roam and more content to stay at home.

Neutering your male pet also improves his health by reducing the risk of prostate disease, testicular cancer and infections.

Sterilization myth:

Another myth is that spaying and neutering cause weight gain. Dogs do not get fat simply by being sterilized. Just like humans, dogs gain weight if they eat too much and exercise too little or if they are genetically programmed to be overweight. The weight gain that people may witness after sterilization is most likely caused by continuing to feed a high energy diet to a dog that is reducing its need for energy as it reaches adult size.