About Me

FLEA:  *golden oldie* special needs, male mix breed.  Senior Flea has become quite the honorary DARG member and we would love for him to find a loving, quiet home where he can spend his golden years.  He came to DARG several months ago in the most shocking state of neglect.  His photos still line the DARG office walls- showing his emaciated form, he looked like a skeleton!  He was so weak he had to be carried for the first few weeks and through lots of good food and medical care he gained weight and strength.  Flea is partially blind and is only suited as a single dog.  He needs slow daily walks to keep up his strength and muscle tone and is on permanent joint medication and specialised food for his arthritis.  He LOOOOVES tummy rubs and company and “woofs” for more affection and the odd treat.  Such a special soul deserves a special retirement.  For more info on permanent foster care please get in touch with the DARG Adoption Office.