XAVIER:  +-2yr old male mix breed.  Found in the Hout Bay area, never claimed.  This lovable, bouncy, super energetic boy would loooove to be part of your every adventure!  Xavier has a reddish colour coat and a curly tail and is a medium sized boy.  You’ll spot him at DARG racing around with his mates […]


BRENT:  +-7yr old male Husky X.  Brent was rescued from the Hout Bay area after being found with all 4 limbs tied up and left on the mountain side.  His rescuer who was hiking notified some people after he saw him and that is when he was untied and brought through to DARG.  Horrid animal […]


TYGER:  +-1yr old male Africanis.  He came to DARG as a tiny pup and is still waiting to be swept off his paws into a loving, permanent home.  Tyger is a bright eyed, easily trainable boy.  He’s very receptive to positive reinforcement training and offers a “sit” for treats.  He and his kennel mate enjoy […]


PEANUT: +-1yr old female mix breed.  Pretty Peanut is a lively character.  She would make a wonderful addition to an active family who enjoy their mountain walks or forest missions.  She’s currently residing with a cute Africanis mate who she loves to play with on the DARG field.  She has learnt to sit for treats […]


FLAVIA: +-2yr old female mix breed (medium). Found in Hout Bay, unclaimed. This pretty amber eyed beauty would thrive in a loving home. Flavia is easily trainable, she loves a game of fetch and knows the cue “drop it” in return for a yummy treat…and then chases and retirieves the toy or tennis ball again! […]


RAMBO: +-4yr old male Africanis X. Here’s a great dog! He came in as a stray & well now he’s ready to find his forever home! A feisty, fun, lovable guy who is well socialised & loves the attention from volunteers & staff. He has an easy going personality & would make a great addition […]